C. Steenvoorden B.V., situated in the old traditional centre of flower bulbs, was founded by Mr. C.G.P.M. Steenvoorden. By keeping to traditional principles such as quality and service C. Steenvoorden B.V. has developed into one of the largest suppliers of flower bulbs in the world. Its main products are Lilium, Gladiolus, Tulips and Iris, but all other kind of flower bulbs can be supplied as well. One of the main tasks of C. Steenvoorden B.V. is programming of flower bulb production for growers, importers and seed companies. With its huge warehouse containing several modern climate-controlled rooms and various other facilities, the company is able to keep complete control of all the bulbs, never losing sight of quality. Besides an high quality bulb, “after sales service” is considered to be very important. The sales managers visit the customers regularly and support them in every possible way.The company also maintains excellent contacts with private and government research establishments in order to improve and develop new varieties and new methods of production. This way C. Steenvoorden B.V. stays well informed and is always ready to give up-to-date answers to any question in the field of flower bulbs.